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Here at Butter's Bees we don't just sell the best pure, raw, treatment free honey you can buy, we take an entire farming approach to elevate the bar of healthy ecosystem interaction.
Research & Development

We are constantly testing new methods and products.  From all natural bug repellent to new methods of treatment free beekeeping, we are always in the search for new ideas.


Develeoping a superior line of bees may just be a dream, but the future of the honey bee to co-exist with modern agirculture and human interaction is paramount.  We carefully select the best hives in terms of survivalbility, hardiness, temperment and production an extend their characteristics to our other hives.

New Take on Old Ideas

Most ecosystems did just fine without human interference, but today that just isn't possible.  Here at Butter's Bees we challenge traditonal thinking with unconventonal approaches to solve modern challenges.

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