Butter's Bees

All natural beekeeing using treatment free methods requires special attention to the hives.  We are a small apairy and our hives are on our farm, so we can keep a close eye one them.  This insures the bees are as healthy as can be.
Our Company

We are much more than your average honey producer.  We are committed to sustainable agriculture, specialilty crops and research on our 80 acre farm.  A whole farm approach to healther soil, people, plants, insects and animals is what we are all about.


We graft eggs from our best hives and requeen existing hives without the surviablity, temperment, production and natural hygeneity we are seeking. In-turn this leads to superior genentics and survivability without the use of antibiotics, miticides, fungicides or other treatments, which makes us treatment free.

Treatment Free

Here at Butter' Bees we are committed to using 100% treatment free methods of beekeeping.  We believe this is essential for the survivability of the European honey bee in the United States.  You can also taste the difference in our pure, raw, treatment free honey and be worry free using our beeswax products.

Environment & Sustainability

We remove existing hives from houses, garages, barns and other structures and places them in the apairy.  There wild (survivor) bees help lead to diverse genetics and better survivability because they have already adapted to living in a treatment free environment.

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